Custom Tap Wrench

Having a wrench guide virtually eliminates the breakage of taps. Sherline’s web site has “Machininsts Tips”, and number 7 shows a wrench for holding small taps. I have made a similar wrench.

The brass sleeve is the guide, and is held by a mill collet.

When I tap the four holes in a reel foot, spindle height is a problem. There is room for neither a standard tap wrench or a Jacobs chuck. The new wrench solves this problem.

I was skeptical that the set screw would provide enough grip for the tap, but so far it has been OK.

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2 Responses to Custom Tap Wrench

  1. Marcelo Jost says:

    I’ve grinded a small flat on my taps so the screw locks it in place. I published an article on a similar device in Home Shop Machinist. Nice blog. Congrats.

    • dave49 says:

      Yes, the flat is a good idea. I have been using small taps and free machining material and, somewhat to my surprise, have not had a problem with slip.

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