Aluminum Frame Reel

Here is my recent project, just assembled.

Reel 16

frame and spool ends – aluminum, clear anodized
shaft – bronze
crank and bearing cap – nickel silver
sleeve bearings – Delrin AF
ratchet and pawl – Delrin, biased for LHW
knob – alternative ivory
total weight – 4 & 7/8 oz.
line – 5 wt.
end plate diameter – 2.73 inch
over pillar lugs – 3.22 inch
width between spool plates – 0.85 inch

The antique model for this reel can be seen here.

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4 Responses to Aluminum Frame Reel

  1. richard westerfield says:

    hi dave
    can you tell us what size the reel is?
    thank you
    Richard Westerfield

  2. dave49 says:

    Yes, I should have included that data. I have now edited the original post.

  3. SParks says:

    Amazing job, Dave. It’s lovely to look at.

  4. Swedtool says:

    Beutiful reel Dave, like the surface finish

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