Digital Micrometer

I recently bought this micrometer from Anytime Tools. It is a standard micrometer with a vernier scale on the handle that allow interpolation to 0.0001 inch. What is different is that there is also a revolution counter that shows the reading to 0.001 inch. Its country of original is not obvious.

My engineering education is from the time of the slide rule, so it doesn’t bother me to read numbers from “analog” scales. But I compromised with the modern world, and my Pickett N3-ES now stays in the desk drawer while I use an electronic calculator.
For readings to 0.001″, this micrometer agrees with my old Mitutoyo. So I converted quickly; this is the micrometer that I habitually pick up. It is quicker and more certain than reading the engraved scales.

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2 Responses to Digital Micrometer

  1. Jerry Hilgenberg says:

    I found my old HS slide rule buried deep in a closet while cleaning-out my parents house in Winchester. Out of curiosity, I did a quick search on eBay, where I found thousands of slide rules for sale as antiques and curiosities. For the most part, the pricing was not attractive.

    This also brings to mind our friend Stu Z., who liked to lift weights. I can remember him sitting in the coach’s office doing his math homework, somehow manipulating a slide rule in one hand while doing curls with a dumbbell in the other.

  2. Richard Bahl says:

    Memories of times past… I went upstairs and dug out my Pickett N3-ES. It is still a nice tool. I used a little Pickett circular slide rule much of the time as well. Easier to carry and almost as powerful. The best thing is that it didn’t have the misalignment if dropped problem that the N3 had.
    I bought a similar micrometer from harbor freight for about $40.


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