Mitutoyo Absolute

For Christmas I received a Mitutoyo “Absolute” caliper.

This is my first electronic-based measurement tool. I compared its measurements carefully with those of my old Mitutoyo dial caliper and decided that it works. What is amazing is that you do not have to set the zero point each time it is turned on. Turn it on while the jaws are open, and it will reliably indicate 0.0000 when you close the jaws. Resolution is 0.0005 inch.

You can get a brief description of how it works here, or the real nitty-gritty by reading U.S. Patent 4879508.

What is different from a mechanical caliper is the On/Off switch. I need to supress the urge to turn it off each time I use it; the continuous-use battery life is 3.5 years.

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1 Response to Mitutoyo Absolute

  1. Richard Bahl says:

    Dave – I have a Mitutoyo solar powered digital caliper that i bought a long time ago from Enco. I wanted to avoid the battery life issue. I also purchase a digital micrometer from Harbor freight that is supposed to be accurate to .0001″.

    Rich Bahl

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