San Juan River

Was at the San Juan yesterday for the first time, did a float trip from Texas Hole to Crusher Hole. That must be the standard route, as there is even a shuttle service to spot the guides’ vehicles and trailers downstream.
It is a tailwater fishery. Water was clear; I have never seen so many trout. They get fat on the abundant midge life coming out of the bottom draw of the dam.

It is bobber fishing over tiny nymphs. I had a “San Juan Slam” of rainbow, cutbow, and brown. Many hookups, many brought in, most of nice size. Guide Scott Warren of Durango CO.

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  1. Jerry Hilgenberg says:

    We’ve rafted the San Juan between Bluff and Mexican Hat. That part of the river is very scenic; petroglyphs on rocks right alongside the river, and a couple of very nice Anasazi ruins a overlooking a very short walk from the river.

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