Jemez River Reels?

I haven’t written any blog posts for some time now. It is because I have been busy packing and moving to New Mexico. The motivation is better weather.

So reelmaking operations now have to fit into the 0.5 car space left in a 2.5 car garage. I will keep the name “North Branch Reels”, as there is still visitor activity on this web site.

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4 Responses to Jemez River Reels?

  1. Don Profota says:

    I follow all your updates so please don’t stop. I’m a bamboo rod builder and reel maker. You have helped all reel makers tremendously!

  2. Dave Meadows says:

    Dave-Just in time.Here in Ohio we are getting our first snow tonight.Hope everything is good out West-will we see you at Gray Rock next year? Happy Holidays!

  3. Keenan says:

    I had been wondering why there wasn’t any updates on progress, this would definitely be a good reason why. Hopefully the better weather doesn’t deter you from the your inside projects.

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