X-Y Table

This is the next step toward a CNC engraver, a complete X-Y table.

The structure here is three sheets of 1/2 inch thick MIC-6: 6×6, 6×12, and 12×12 inches. They provide a 6×6 work surface with motion of nearly 6 inches in each of two directions. Significantly, the heaviest pieces have the least motion.
The next step will be construction of a gantry to support the z-axis.

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5 Responses to X-Y Table

  1. Greg McGowan says:

    What software do you plan to use for engraving.

  2. dave49 says:

    I think that this product, Cut2D, is the starting place.
    The same company has a 3D product, if I ever get that far.

  3. Bob says:

    Beautiful craftsmanship. How do you like your new mill?

    • dave49 says:

      Thank you.
      I am quite happy with the new mill. Even with its 5.9 x 11.8 inch table travel, it is not big enough to work on all the pieces of this engraving machine, so I am still spotting and hand drilling a few of the holes.
      The z-axis air spring is great, eliminates all backlash considerations when plunging to a depth.

  4. I barely understand what you all are talking about. However, the process is fascinating and I marvel at the machines and devices you use to artfully make such delicious fly reels.

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