Line Guide Gadget

The first time I saw one of these was at a silent auction, and it took a while for me to figure out what it was.

It is a visual aid for a rodmaker, to help get the butt section line guides angularly aligned with the reel seat. It is lightweight and so can remain on the reel seat while the guides are wrapped.

I did not start this part with the intention of making a fixture. It was going the be a reel foot, but I did a poor job in locating the four holes for mounting to the frame. Now salvaged, it has at least some value.

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4 Responses to Line Guide Gadget

  1. Rich Bahl says:

    Dave – I’ve see these little tools somewhere on line before. Seemed like it was at the Renzetti web site. Can’t find it now. Do you have another reject reel foot you could modify? Or would you be willing to sell this one when your done with your rod?


  2. Rich Bahl says:

    Dave – The engineer in me still prefers rejected. Thank you very much! As much as I try and get out of the graphite rod world there always seems to be another project.


  3. swellcat says:

    Tom Morgan sells a version of this as a “reel seat alignment jig”. Oh, and the mortal human in me really appreciates the candor of “botched”. 🙂

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