Alan is a member of my Select Advisory Panel on Reel Aesthetics, and he owns this Bougle.

It is not an antique, but it is certainly a classic.

Legends engraved on the winding plate are:
* Made in England by Hardy
* “Bougle” Centenary
* 3″ lightweight
* Mk V

From the website of a wiley dealer who stocked up on these, I find the following descriptions.
* Model 3″
* Diameter 3″
* Weight 3.7 oz./105 g
* Line Capacity (m) DT2+70m/WF3+50m
* polished racing green anodized frame
* satin gold anodized winding plate and spool
* hard anodized aluminum spindle for further weight reduction

Alan insists that the spool color is “champagne”. My photos do not reproduce the color very well. He has loaded the spool with a DT4 and 10 yards of backing; I would say that it is not overloaded.

I measure it as 4.0 oz w/o line, 2.75″ diameter (3.06″ over pillars), 1.35″ width.
Spool Volume = 3.1 in^3.

Here are a couple photos of the innards:

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  1. I love Bougles. I only have a newer one (MK VII) for steelhead. If I knew where to find one of these smaller/older ones for some of my trout rods, I’d be all over it. Very nice reel.

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