The Book of Multiplier Reels

Below is a used book that I recently purchased. It concerns multipler reels, which are typically intended for baitcasting. It was published in 1985 by Stackpole Books.

The book is full of photos and patent drawings; here is a typical page.

The chapters are
– The Invention and Early Development of the Multiplier Reel
– Introduction to Patents
– Brakes
– Clicks
– Drags
– Frame Construction and External Features
– Freespool Clutches
– Level-Wind Mechanisms
– Machining and Engineering Features
– Quick-Takedown Features
– Et Alia
– Materials
While not really directed to fly reels, it is a very interesting read. In 1985, patent images were not available on-line, so author Vernon did a tremendous amount of work to compile this book.

This is my one multiplier reel, given to me by my grandfather about 1958. Also had a one piece steel casting rod which still held its tip-top and one other line guide. This reel is stamped “Shakespeare 1905 DEUCE Model FK”.

You will occasionally see a fly reel made as a multiplier.

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