Pflueger Hawkeye

This is another one of Steve’s reels. It has rubber sideplates and nickel silver rings. It is small, only 2.5 inch ring diameter and 0.88 between rings. He has it fitted with a WF3F but no backing, and says that it will not carry a DT3F.

It weighs 5.25 oz without line. Spool capacity is about 1.8 cubic inch. Notice that the spring is a round wire that has been ground flat at the ends. The click is loud and crisp.

From the Classic Reels forum, I learned that Pflueger made the Hawkeye in 40, 60, 80, and 100 yard sizes. This one is evidently 60 yard. The 40 yard model has rings of 2.12 diameter.

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4 Responses to Pflueger Hawkeye

  1. Steve says:

    Looks good to me. The photography is excellent. What camera did you use?. I need to post photos on the forum of a couple rods I am selling for the widow of a friend.

    • dave49 says:

      I am using a “Canon Powershot SD450” that is a least 5, and maybe closer to 10, years old. Not a current model with Canon. As with all consumer electronics, there are more advanced Powershots available for less money.
      My photography is somewhat indifferent. For example, the picture of the back of your reel is in focus at the foot but rather fuzzy elesewhere. I do not have the patience to get every shot correct.

  2. Ken Smith says:

    These small reels are things of beauty and a testiment to simplicity in that after almost a century – they still fish. Something I learned years ago, when it comes to small reels and modern fly lines, I really don’t need all that running line on a WF line. By removing 10, 15, 20′ I can fit a modicum of backing on a reel/line pairing that’s gonna be used on a small stream. Do you really need all 90′ of a WF on a small stream rod?!

  3. Find Evil says:

    Thankss for this blog post

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