Two Reels Finished

I reduced the anodizing current, so now it is taking 14 hours to plate the parts for 1 reel (7 runs @ 2 hours). Finally got enough parts done to assemble two reels.

These two have identical spools, but the raised pillar reel appears to be much smaller.

Update 4 April 2011: Now the whole group is done.

Reels 11, 12, 15, 13, 14

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3 Responses to Two Reels Finished

  1. Very nice Dave. The raised pillar is outstanding…..

  2. Taylor Murray says:

    Dave I would love to get a hold of the plans and or blueprints for this reel. I would love to build a classic (loud) click and pawl for steelhead/salmon for a 7-9 wt. This looks so beautiful. Truly a work of art.

    • dave49 says:

      Plans are available from The Eclectic Angler; there is a link on the right sidebar of this blog.
      This is the first reel that I designed and I intended it for a WF5F line. But I was overly generous with spool size and you may find that it can accommodate WF7F. If not, scale up.
      Be sure to read my blog post titled “A Lesson in Burr Removal” (May 24, 2013).

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