Progress Report #1

I am working on a group of 5 reels, and have enough parts done to dry fit them. Here is an illustration. Still have to make 2 nickel silver parts (crank screw, click end bearing cap) and the wire pawl springs. The aluminum parts here are not yet finished; still have to sand and anodize.

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2 Responses to Progress Report #1

  1. richard westerfield says:

    do you make your pawl if so out of what materal and how is it done thats something else i do not know about i think you make pegs of some type to hold the springs
    to the pawl is that right?
    thank you
    Richard Westerfield

    • dave49 says:

      I settled on Delrin for the pawl; see two earlier post on pawl life test. For this reel, a metal pawl was too loud.
      Indeed, the music wire spring is anchored by grooved pegs, pressed into the click end plate.

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