Machinist Tool Chest

Through on-line auction, I recently bought this oak tool chest. So now I have seven felt lined drawers plus a top compartment to sort my stuff into.

The most common antique tool chests of this type were made by Gerstner, but this one is a Union.

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2 Responses to Machinist Tool Chest

  1. Maaaaan I used to have a Gerstner. The tool shop I worked at bought a standard set of high end stuff (gauge blocks, dial indicators, mic’s, etc.) that we could pay off at a reduced rate over our apprenticeship and it included a beautiful Gerstner. I ended selling it back when I left the shop and I’ve regretted it ever since. Very nice looking toolbox.

  2. Richard Bahl says:

    Gerstner is still in business. I have a couple of them that were gifts to my mom for her sewing stuff. I got them back after she passed away. Unfortunately some of their production is now offshore. Dave I suspect that you will out grow the one chest in very short order. Garrett Wade sells a large roll around one that you might find useful.

    Rich Bahl

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