Engraving with the Mill

In the previous post I showed the artwork for a logo in the form of a circular monogram. This is meant for use in electrochemical etching. After making this artwork, it occurred to me that it might be simplified to the point where it could be engraved using just my vertical mill and its rotary table.

So here is my attempt at engraving with the mill. This is a 5/8 inch diameter brass slug that represents the head of the rear spindle screw of my reel. It has been engraved with a 1/16 inch diameter square end mill. The depth of the engraving is 0.005 inch. When I have taken parts to jewelers to be engraved, the depth is about 0.001 inch.

The final appearance would be enhanced if the bottom of the groove were burnished with an appropriate tool.

I am still working on electrochemical etch and will save this as a fall-back process if that proves unsatisfactory.

Update 3 Dec 2012: Here I have filled the milled grooves with paint

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2 Responses to Engraving with the Mill

  1. Jerry Hilgenberg says:

    Dave, Have you considered visiting a tool & die shop to prepare a special punch for you, that you could use to apply your logo with a single blow?

    As I recall in your earlier post, one of the reasons you had unsatisfactory results was that you couldn’t get an adequate, equal force for both blows. With a special punch, you could achieve that.

    It would probably be costly, certainly over $100 I would think, but if you’re using a hardened punch to form an impression in an oval, brass part, I would guess that a single punch would last forever.


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