Downsized Click

My new “Fixed Spindle Reel” is 2.78 inch diameter, but I also intend to make a smaller version of 2.28 inch diameter. The two versions can use mostly the same parts, except that end plates and spool ends must be reduced. Another problem area is the click.

The original click runs on 0.95 inch center distance between ratchet center and pawl pivot. For the smaller reel, I must reduce this to 0.75 inch. The two changes that I made are a) smaller ratchet (27 vs. 30 teeth) and b) shorter pawl. To confirm the new design, I had to make a prototype.

The pawl is not symmetrical, but not to the degree that was possible with the larger click. Two flats, at 30 degree angle to horizontal, set the outgoing and incoming drag levels. If I cut the incoming flat at too small radius, then the mechanism tends to jam when spool direction is reversed from incoming to outgoing.

Update 3 Oct 2012: I put this click into a small version of my Fixed Spindle Reel (see post of today) but it did not function well. In the reel, it tended to jam upon spool direction reversal, regardless of flat dimensions. So I have changed to a 24 tooth ratchet and correspondingly longer pawl. This ends the jam problem.

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