Fixed Spindle Reel

My earlier designs were “rotating spindle”, which require full front and back end plates and a crank to turn the spool. This new design is “fixed spindle” which means an open front end ring, no crank, and a spool that comes off with just 1 fastener.

The frame is clear anodized aluminum, and the spool end plates are anodized aluminum that has been electrolytically colored, as described in the blog post preceding this one.

The ratchet and pawl are Delrin, borrowed from an earlier design.

The open front end ring, lack of a crank, and lightening holes help to reduce weight. This reel is 4.2 oz. It hold WF5F and 100 yd. backing. It is 2.78 inch diameter.

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5 Responses to Fixed Spindle Reel

  1. Richard Bahl says:

    Great looking reel Dave. Each new design is a leap forward in esthetics and function.


  2. I love the subtle color shift, it has a milspec kinda green.

  3. Ed Estlow says:

    Great looking pieces! I also love the subtle color contrast between frame & spool. You’ve got some great little details that really put the overall look over the top!

  4. Alex Vardanis says:

    Great looking reel.
    Why Delrin for the ratchet and pawl? How about life expectancy?

  5. dave49 says:

    I decided on Delrin only after much testing. See the blog post of 23 Aug 2011, “Pawl Test at Higher Speed” for a summary.
    My conclusion is that Delrin will outlast any metal in this application. No one has shown me any data to contradict this.

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