Reels for Sale

All of my reels have a simple non-adjustable click that is biased for either right or left hand wind.

I am usually building only one reel model at a time. As of Summer 2017, it is the bronze frame reels that have appeared in blog posts since 2014. Typically you would have to place a custom order, but sometimes I will already have one that is near completion.
The bronze frame reels comes in two sizes, for 3 and for 5 weight forward floating lines. The 5 weight is 5.1 ounces and the 3 is 4.5 ounces.

I still have one of the older models available:
#17: Aluminum frame, WF5F + 100 yards backing, 4.8 ounces, 2.75 diameter w/o pillars

All reels are $400. Custom engraving is available at additional cost.
Contact me if interested.


2 Responses to Reels for Sale

  1. William A Hudec II says:


    Do you have any reel for sale now

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